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World Food Prize Laureates Speak Up

President Lula of Brazil is a World Food Prize Laureate, and he has been elected chair of this fall's G20 Summit and next year's big environmental conference, COP30. He's made hunger and poverty central to the G20 agenda and is proposing a new structure of mutual accountability among governments and other institutions, the Alliance Against Hunger and Poverty.

27 Laureates yesterday wrote to all the G20 heads of state, urging them to join Lula in a push to get progress against world hunger back on track. I'm proud to have played a leadership role in this initiative.

The Laureates stressed the urgency of humanitarian assistance to a world on fire. $9 billion for humanitarian assistance has been approved by President Biden and the Senate, but is stuck in the House of Representatives. There's lots of talk about military aid to Ukraine and Israel, but we can urge our Representatives to make sure that $9 billion for humanitarian assistance is not forgotten.


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