My Calling

David Testify at House Committee on Fore


David is now working to engage faith voters in electing Democrats and defeating Trumpism. He is using this website and social media to promote current opportunities to change the politics of poverty. As president of Bread for the World, he worked with people and leaders from both parties to increase and improve international aid and resist cuts to domestic anti-poverty programs. He won the World Food Prize for his contribution to reducing world hunger.  


David is a Lutheran pastor. At his ordination, he was called to be a missionary-economist, connecting Christian faith and moral values to the challenge of poverty. Bread for the World is a broadly interdenominational advocacy movement to end hunger. David founded the Alliance to End Hunger, which engages diverse organizations – Jewish and Muslim groups, universities, hospitals, corporations, and charities – in building the public and political will to end hunger.



David has also led Bread for the World Institute, a trusted source of analysis on hunger and effective anti-hunger policies. Before coming to Bread, he served as a World Bank economist for 15 years. He oversaw large-scale development projects in East Africa and Latin America, wrote speeches for the Bank’s president, and then led the World Bank’s initial engagement with civil society around the world.