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The Biggest Jump in Poverty in 50 Years

New Census data show hat Congress' failure to continue pandemic assistance programs has led to the biggest jump in poverty in 50 years. Census data from prior years show that Congress substantially reduced U.S. poverty during the pandemic, but then allowed it to surge again - a clear demonstration of the importance of government programs that help poor and hungry people.

I tell this important story in my new Religion News Service op-ed, which I urge you to read:

I also want to flag the immediate need for advocacy with our senators to secure needed funding for WIC (Women, Infants, and Children Supplemental Nutrition Program).

House Republicans are again insisting on deep cuts to poverty-focused programs and threatening to shut the government if they don't get their way. The Senate is trying to approve part of the appropriations package this week. Because of recent rises in food prices and participation, they need to add $1.4 billion to what the Senate Agriculture Committee approved. Otherwise, WIC will, for the first time in a very long time, have to turn away some mothers and children who are clearly in need of nutrition assitance.


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