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Support the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

These 17 Republican senators and all the Democratic senators voted together last night to begin debate on the bipartisan infrastructure bill. If you live in one of these states, call your senator to say thank you and urge a Yes vote on the final bill:

  • Roy Blunt of Missouri

  • Richard Burr of North Carolina

  • Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia

  • Bill Cassidy of Louisiana

  • Susan Collins of Maine

  • Kevin Cramer of North Dakota

  • Mike Crapo of Idaho

  • Lindsey Graham of South Carolina

  • Chuck Grassley of Iowa

  • John Hoeven of North Dakota

  • Mitch McConnell of Kentucky

  • Lisa Murkowski of Alaska

  • Rob Portman of Ohio

  • Jim Risch of Idaho

  • Mitt Romney of Utah

  • Thom Tillis of North Carolina

  • Todd Young of Indiana

This overdue $1 trillion investment in infrastructure would contribute to sustained economic prosperity for the whole country. The bill includes measures to pay for the investments it makes. It will not increase the federal deficit.

Importantly for people who read my blog, this bill includes features that would powerfully benefit low-income Americans, mainly by allowing them to increase their EARNED incomes:

  • An estimated two million new, union-wage jobs every year over the course of the coming decade. Ninety percent of these jobs would not require a college education.

  • The largest-ever investment in public transportation, including 24,000 buses and 5,000 rail cars. Lower-income people are much more likely to use public transportation. Improvements would allow many people better access to the parts of their cities where the jobs are.

  • Access to high-speed internet for every American. This would stimulate economic activity and improve the job market in many depressed rural and urban communities.

  • Investments in water-supply systems, including the replacement of all the lead pipes that are poisoning our children. As a result, lots of kids will do better in school and in life.

Bipartisan collaboration on this scale is a good thing in itself in our bitterly divided country. Former President Trump is threatening to support primary challenges against Republicans who vote for this bill. So these 17 Republicans need encouragement from voters in their states.

The bipartisan infrastructure bill is the first of three momentous decisions that are pending in Congress right now. Passing this bipartisan bill improves the prospects for Senate passage of the larger, Democrat-only recovery package (with its emphasis on human infrastructure) and voting-rights legislation. Please read the letter that the Christian leaders in the Circle of Protection sent to President Biden and every member of Congress last week. It makes the case for action on all three of these fronts.

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