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My recent sermon at Christ Church in Alexandria, Virginia starts with Bible experiences of God moving in history - and ends with an exhortation to give money to political candidates who share our values.

Less than one percent of Americans give to candidates, parties, or PACs. I see that as a serious stewardship mistake.

The church leaders in the Circle of Protection have been urging all of this year's presidential candidates to make short videos about what they would do to provide help and opportunity to hungry and poor people. The leading candidates - Biden, Trump, Haley, and DeSantis - have so far not responded. The Biden and Trump campaign websites focus on other issues, but not poverty.

Three trailing Republican candidates - Ramaswamy, Hutchinson, and Binkley - have made videos in response to the Circle, each articulating a perspective that is widespread among conservative people.

To hear what Ramaswamy, Hutchinson, and Binkley would do, go the the Circle of Protection website:

The Circle of Protection will continue to ask the leading candidates to speak to the issue of hunger and poverty.

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