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President Biden's Strategy to End Hunger in America by 2030

I'm headed to the White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health tomorrow. President Biden will be speaking at 9:30 am (EDT). You can watch his speech and the whole conference at

In the run-up to the conference, I was skeptical. The White House was late in setting the date and didn't share much information about the commitments they were considering. But this morning they released the Biden-Harris Administration National Strategy on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health - and I'm thrilled by what a bold and thoughtful strategy it is. It outlines measures to improve economic security, to make sure everybody has enough food, and to improve nutrition, physical fitness, and health.

The President is proposing that our country aim to end hunger by 2030. The Action Plan defines precisely what the Administration means by "ending hunger." They mean reducing the number of people who suffer what the Census Bureau calls "very low food security" to less than 1% and cutting the number of people who experience "food insecurity" by half. This definition will draw us to focus on the very poorest people.

Ending hunger by 2030 suddenly seems possible again. Just this month the government released Census-based statistics on hunger and poverty in 2021. Hunger and poverty both dropped drastically. Food insecurity among families with children dropped to its lowest level since the Census started collecting food security data in 1998. Two things are now clear: that the massive pandemic response and recovery bills of the last few years have avoided a sustained surge in hunger and poverty, and that the American Rescue Act showed that very rapid progress is possible.

Hunger and poverty increased from their 2021 levels after the Build Back Better Act failed in the Senate by one vote in December. The Action Plan says that the President will work with Congress to restore the expansion of the Child Tax Credit and the Earned Income Tax Credit, which played a big role in the dramatic gains of 2021. It says he will also work with Congress to win passage of other proposals that are pending from last year.

It doesn't mention the upcoming elections. But we all know that people who want to end hunger should share our excitement about Biden's commitment to overcoming hunger and play an active role in electing candidates for Congress who are ready to work with the President to overcome hunger in America. Nowadays, that means electing Democrats.

The Action Plan lists many actions that President Biden can approve on his own authority. It's now clear that the departments and agencies of government have been meeting quietly with White House staff since last summer, thinking through ways many of them can contribute to progress against hunger, poor nutrition, and poor health. It's an impressive list, and it will move us toward the 2030 goal over the next two years even if Congress doesn't help much.

The Action Plan also outlines a society-wide effort to end hunger. Nearly all Americans want to help end hunger. The President is suggesting a coherent strategy in which state and local governments, businesses, churches, charities, and individuals can work together effectively toward a society of better-nourished, healthier people and virtually no hunger.


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