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Rev. David Beckmann, president emeritus of Bread for the World, has been a visiting fellow during the spring term at Berkeley’s Goldman School of Public Policy and the Church Divinity School of the Pacific. These webcasts feature guest presentations by national leaders to a joint seminar on poverty, communities of faith, and the politics of 2021. They highlight spiritual and political strategies that can move us from the current crisis in a way that puts us on track to end hunger and poverty. 

David Beckmann

Joint Fellow, Berkeley's Goldman School of Public Policy and Church Divinity School of the Pacific
President Emeritus, Bread for the World and Alliance to End Hunger
World Food Prize Laureate

As president of Bread for the World 1991-2020, David led people and churches across the country in successful advocacy with Congress. He was awarded the World Food Prize for his contribution to the world’s progress against hunger. David sees progress against poverty in recent decades as an experience of our loving God and cause for hope.


David is now working in new ways to help move us from the current crisis toward the end of hunger and poverty.  He plans to write a weekly blog post as webcasts from the Berkeley seminar are published on the Sundays between now and the 4th of July.

David continues to assist Bread for the World and the Alliance to End Hunger.  He is now coordinator of the Circle of Protection, an advocacy coalition of church bodies and organizations that include nearly 100 million people. President Biden’s massive legislative proposals this year present a historic opportunity to reduce poverty, and the Circle is working to support and shape them.

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